Dec 7, 2023

Why Canada? And how to survive?
Tips & Tricks
st. Clair

Hello everyone, 

My name is Bhadra Vrajeshkumar. Currently, I'm on my work permit and live in Toronto, Ontario. As everyone know living cost is really high right now. So as a student if you are thinking you can manage your expenses just calculate your income and expenses before you plan for Canada. Minimum wage for Ontario is now 16.55 $ per hour. 

Let's begin with India. Many people will demotivate you at first. So first of all you should have strong willingness to come. Doesn't matter what people will say. Obviously it do make difference when you convert your money dollars to INR. No doubt you have to manage everything here alone. Your parents would not be with you. So, eventually you will be good at cooking, cleaning and paying your bills on time. It would help you to get a good partner too. Haha just kidding. I am still single. Lol. 

Furthermore, after preparing yourself mentally choose right place right college and right course for your career to grow here. Personally I would suggest always choose 2+3 kind of courses. On 2 years of course you will get 3 years of work permit. 

When you arrived here. Stop comparing INR vs Dollars. Obviously it will give you a heart attack. Don't buy expensive things. Most commonly IPhones. Wait for right deals. Don't increase your expenses. Save your money first. Finding job is hard because of too many students. So, just don't give up. Try to find better opportunities always and be ready to do any kind of work here to survive on initial stage. 

I would suggest during studies and after studies always check Canadian government site to take advantage of every schemes. If I talk about me I was lucky that at my time students were allowed to work 40 hours per week as the rule was 20 hours per work. From 2024 January, I'm not sure about the month but in coming few months rule is going to change again. So your expenses would be high than your income. 

Let's talk about expenses an average sharing bedroom you will get in 500-650$ and private room in 750-1000$. 300-400$ would be for your groceries, 50$ for phone bill, 150$ for travel. Always use your credit card to pay your bills because at the end your good credit score will help you to get loan for car or for home. 

Pay your taxes on time. In the beginning you will get a lot of money back from Canadian government because of many benefits they give like climate incentive program and many more. In Ontario it's 13% tax you will pay usually on everything. 

After studies check your CRS score and if needed change your province. Nowadays people choose prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and new Brunswick to get early PR. I'm talking about around the Ontario area. 

If you don't know anything then just try to get more information from everywhere. Mainly read on Canadian government website. There is everything you need to know. At the end you can hire consultant and do all process. I know it was little rough but I hope you will get something from this. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Thank you.