Dec 10, 2023

Gist of life in Auckland
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Auckland Uni

Hello People !

Hope whoever is reading this is doing well and this post is helpful.

Basics: It’s always just expenses that everyone wants to know.

  1. Food - Please do consider $15 -$20 atleast for a meal in any setting.
  2. Accommodation- $1500 - $2000 a month( 4 weeks) for a studio apartment in auckland town.
  3. Public Transport - $5 to $10 on way trip depending where you want to go.
  4. Uber - Auckland CBD to airport 26 kms will cost around $50 without surge just for an idea.
  5. Gas - usually between $2.50 to $3 per litre.
  6. Clubbing/ Chilling- $20 - $150 depending on where you are going.
  7. If you are a smoker then cigs - $40 a pack ( Strongly recommend considering other countries)
  8. Beer - $20 - $35 for a 12 pack.
  9. Hotel - $100 - $200 for a decent room per night ( Or opt for backpackers which might workout cheaper in some places)
  10. Chai ! - $5 but it’s more of a coffee culture there which is around the same Price.

Note: All these are approx figures and feel free to Hit me up about things that I might have missed and you need to know

Now if you have more time and like a bit of read then feel free to go through sort of a summarised story below.

Start :

I started off as a student in Nz. Got there on a student visa. Got few contacts through the agency I went through for my application to set up pg and a point of contact for me there if things went south. 

First few months were difficult and depressing as this is a super quiet place ( Not the typical “abroad” vibe one might think of) people are disciplined and super busy in their life (again not an ideal situation for a 23 year old young blood who has been out and about in India ) by 7 - 07:30 pm most of the stores and spots are closed during weekdays except McD and few Pizza joints. 
Additionally my dumbass agent enrolled in a course which was equivalent to bachelor’s that I had already done in india but had to stick to it and waste a year due to financial constraints. Also started doing multiple part time jobs like being a kitchen hand, door to door sales agent, worked at Pizza stores, Gas stations, cold storage services and numerous other jobs which was very depressing at first as I was doing great in India working in management at a multinational company enjoying all perks of the position. However, eventually got over it and my younger, egotistical self got in terms with the fact that no job is small and it is what it is. Basically realised that it’s better to have something than nothing and learned how to make the most out of it, grow and be happy.

later, after my first year course I was fortunate enough to find a way to pay for master and study what I actually wanted to. 

After Studies :

In 2019 after masters I was able get my 3 year open work visa which helped me get into companies that I wanted to work with at positions that I was interested. Eventually started to grow, get more references that would help me go further In career and also started paying back towards the expenses that I had incurred during my studies. 

Current situation: 

It would have been very easy for me to quit if I wanted to initially to be very honest as I had all the justification to convince my self as to why should go back home, let all the money go in drain that my family and me put in, how it would be a dumb disaster if I continued to live in a country that’s 50 times expensive for everything with no assurances about Careers ,life, visa, education and family. 

BUT things did turn around. Call it blessing, fortune or destiny. I decided to hang in and today somehow I have my masters, a good job and residency. But what matters the most is that I didn’t end being a disaster and disappointment for my family and figured my shit out.

that’s my story without you asking me. Hope this let’s you take a practical decision and gives you somewhat a better chance on how to go about your approach.

Have fun and don’t stress out if you are in your initial phase. Just take your time and do your due diligence without any pre conceived notions and pressure. You are taking a life decision which will have real life implications. I haven’t spoke much about Universities and other institutions as that’s not as important as you deciding to relocate your entire life somewhere else but happy to help if you have further questions.