Nov 27, 2023

My Journey in Canada.

Leaving your country of birth is a huge step and can send jitters down the spine. In 2019, when I decided to pursue higher education in Canada, I had a lot of questions. The quest to find the answers was tedious and not everything was easily accessible. I visited quite a few consultancies, and many of them promised offer letters in half a day! I’m pretty sure the same would be the case even today. It’s important to keep a level head during these times and remind yourself that things that appear too good to be true generally don’t turn out to be true/as good as expected. I did my own research, asked a few people who were already in Canada, and compiled a list of colleges and universities that were the best bet for me. I finally chose Conestoga College’s Health Administration course which was a PG Certificate course. After 2021, job hunt was a tough ask as the economy was still under the jitters of COVID-19. I managed to land a job at a hearing clinic, upskilled myself during this time and finally managed to bag my dream job in Drug Safety and Clinical Research.

Today, when I look back at my journey from 2019, there’s a lump in my throat. It was not easy, but it was definitely worth it. I’m glad I did my own research, and the circumstances too were favourable to me. It gets tough for everyone, but you need to dig deep and get through. I hope this post motivates you to get up, not lose hope and keep going even when things are not in your favour. Cheers!